Spring Cleaning, its in the Air


The weather has finally started to act more spring like. The 10 day forecast for the Missoula MT area is forecasting mostly sunny and in the 70’s for the next 10 days and that means there are a lot of folks that are going to be throwing open the windows in their home and thinking about Spring Cleaning. There are some simple and easy things to do now that will make your home cleaner, safer, cooler and more efficient through the hot summer months.

Get your cooling system serviced. Before you even think about turning on the A/C you should set up an appointment for the system to be cleaned and checked over. Why you ask? Good question, your unit has been turned off for at least 6 months. It sits outside and is open to the elements, unless you have a cover. There are probably bugs, dirt and other debris inside the condenser unit that could impede the fan from operating properly. It is always good to have the unit looked over for leaks or pin sized holes that can allow the refrigerant to escape. It’s a good time to change the air filter as well. I can attest that about 75% of the service calls we get in the early spring and summer months that are about an A/C not cooling are due to a plugged filter. Your HVAC system cannot get proper air flow through the unit if the filter is plugged and no air flow means no cool air to your home.

Check your windows. Spring Cleaning is the time to clean your home’s windows and it also is a good time to inspect them for cracks in the caulking and check for holes in the screen. Making sure your screen is free of holes will help keep bugs and dirt particles out. Fixing cracked, loose and missing caulk can help stop air leaks.

Check for Mold or Mildew. If you have an area that has mold or mildew growth you may have a water leak have leak somewhere. Mold and mildew will have an impact on the quality of your indoor air. Too much humidity in your home can be a problem as well. Humidity should stay between 30 to 50% to ensure healthy air quality. If you have too much humidity you can run the A/C or consider installing a dehumidifier. Although here in Montana at our elevation we are more likely faced with needing to add humidity to our homes as too little can be a health issue as well. Regardless, your HVAC contractor can help you figure out what is best for your home and family’s comfort.

Getting your cooling system cleaned and ready in addition to a day spent cleaning and inspecting your homes interior and exterior can payoff of during the long and hot summer and help prevent unexpected issues during the time you would rather be playing. Don’t neglect your HVAC system. Give Air Quality Mechanical a call to set up a Maintenance appointment at 406-721-7018 and ask about becoming a member of our Safety & Efficiency Club, great discounts and reminders about important things such as filter changes, annual maintenance's and specials.