Keep Your Dryer From Becoming a Fire Hazard

Keep Your Dryer From Becoming a Fire Hazard

Schedule dryer vent cleaning services in Missoula, MT

If you use your dryer regularly, you'll want to make sure the vents are clean. Clogs from lint and other debris can cause your machine to work less efficiently and make your dryer more likely to cause a fire.

Keep your home safe with dryer vent cleaning services from Air Quality Mechanical, Inc in Missoula, MT. We recommend scheduling dryer cleaning services at least once a year, and twice yearly if you use your dryer often. Get an estimate on our dryer vent cleaning services now by calling 406-721-7018.

Does your dryer vent need to be cleaned?

It can be difficult to tell if your dryer vent needs to be cleaned without knowing what to look for. You should contact us for dryer vent cleaning services if...

  • Your dryer has a burning smell while it’s running
  • Your clothes or dryer get unusually warm after a normal cycle
  • Your clothes aren’t drying after staying in a running dryer for 30+ minutes

Make sure you schedule your dryer vent cleaning services before a clogged vent causes major damage to your home. For more information on our vent cleaning services, send us a message today.