How do I maintain my HVAC system?

Like any other piece of machinery, HVAC systems require periodic servicing to ensure proper performance and the unit's longevity. There are routine maintenance tasks that practically any homeowner can perform, and there are more sophisticated, scheduled maintenance measures that most homeowners should leave to a licensed HVAC professional. We recommend having your system professionally serviced twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall before peak usage seasons.

Here are a some HVAC system-servicing tasks that you can do yourself:

Change or Clean Your Air Filters

Depending on the type of air filter you use for your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, it is recommended to replace the filter every one to three months. If you employ washable filters, you should clean them once a month.

Clear Space Around Your Outdoor Unit

Keep grass, weeds or other debris away from your outdoor air conditioning or heating unit. Two feet of open space around the unit is ideal.

Whats involved in a system checkup:

-Check system controls to verify proper start-up, operation and shutdown
-Inspect condensate drain for clog
-Lubricate moving parts, specifically fan motor
-Check electrical connections and test voltage to motor
-Perform thermostat-setting diagnostics
-Thoroughly clean evaporator and condenser coils
-Conduct refrigerant level check and line inspection
-Clean and inspect the blower and associated components
-Inspect furnace components, including gas connections and valves, and burner assembly and heat exchanger