A Daikin brand high-efficiency gas furnace with two-stage gas valve and multi-speed blower provides substantial energy efficiency with effective heating performance. Unlike single-stage gas furnaces that operate 'all on' or 'all off,' a Daikin two-stage, multi-speed gas furnace matches air delivery with heat required to minimize energy use and produce just the right amount of heat to keep a steady, comfortable temperature in your home.

• Up to 96% AFUE - This gas furnace converts up to 96 cents of every energy dollar into indoor comfort in your home.
• Multi-speed motor automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, reduces energy consumption and system noise.
• Two-stage gas valve reduces energy needed during moderate demand to deliver outstanding comfort and efficiency.


• Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty*
• Unit Replacement Limited Warranty *6-Year
• 12-Year Parts Limited Warranty*
• Gas Valve Type Two-Stage
• AFUE Up to 96%
• Self-Diagnostic Control Board
• Primary Tubular Heat Exchanger Heavy-Duty, Stainless-Steel
• Motor Type Multi-Speed
• Igniter Type Silicon Nitride
• Installation Options Upflow, Horizontal
• Secondary Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel

Primary Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger often is considered the essential component of any gas furnace. A Daikin brand gas furnace is engineered with a unique heat exchanger constructed from tubular stainless steel. The use of wrinkle-bend technology in the primary heat exchanger results in an extremely durable heat exchanger. This design helps to maximize the ability to provide high levels of indoor comfort regardless of the outside temperature.